Our approach to Security Architecture and Configuration Reviews

Our security architecture reviews include various services that review technical and operational security controls implemented in an organisation. The resulting report will include risks to our overall security posture alongside security hygiene and risk mitigation suggestions.


Network Security Architecture Review

We begin by learning about the organisation’s business objectives and control objectives. We then assess the network's design, key components, protocols, and data flow to and from the network and the core technologies upon which the network depends to achieve its security goals and compare them to applicable standards, laws/regulations, and best practices.


Identity and Access Management Architectural Review

A rigorous analysis of the life cycle of identity management, application control, application provisioning, centralised and decentralised credential storage, authentication, data control, network authentication protocols, and how they fit in the overall identity ecosystem.


Review of Infrastructure Security Architecture

Our Security Consultants will be auditing server and application hardening, server and device security, boundary protection, as well as security that service (integrated and distinct from the application) across the infrastructure (server and application) will be audited.


Review of the Architecture of Application Security

Software Development Lifecycle Assessment, Application Security Architecture Integration, Web Application Firewalls, Encryption, and Secure Communication between Applications, Databases, and Endpoints Application Cryptography Solutions, Application Security Approaches for All System Components and Application Controls Against Existing Threats and Vulnerabilities.


Assessing the Cloud Security Architecture

The following aspects of cloud infrastructure are evaluated: identity and access management, network security, data security, application security, cloud security best practices implementation, encryption and key management, denial of service prevention, web application firewalls, third-party component security, API security, logging and auditing, and hardening.


Audit and configuration review of network devices

Device management environment review, Minimum Security Baseline Setup, Access Control, Change Management, Patch Management, configuration hardening, segmentation controls Device rule base mapping with company security policy, as well as audit and configuration analysis of the device against standards.


Report submission

Once the assessment is complete, a detailed written report outlining each observed and exploited vulnerabilities, along with the root cause analysis and categorisation along with mitigation and confirmatory re-test certificate if the need arrives.



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What we offer

Cloud Architecture & Configuration Review

Infrastructure Architecure & Configuration Review


  • Conduct a review of the most recent Threat Risk Analysis study.
  • Analysis of the existing information technology network, information flow according to business requirements, and information access points.
  • An analysis of existing security measures and policies in different areas of security management.
  • Analyze the current network security architecture, including the topology/configuration and security components/functionality.


Security Architecture and Configuration Reviews?

Any organisation’s network infrastructure evolves. These adjustments result from organisational requirements, process modifications, resource requirements, and various other factors. Typically, these improvements are viewed tactically. How can we go from A to B as smoothly as possible? Security is often an afterthought. Network and configuration modifications occur without the current system owners' awareness and unwittingly create gaps or attack vectors. Even if best-of-breed advanced security solutions are implemented, they would be ineffective if the underlying security infrastructure is faulty.



HackersEra's Security Architecture Reviews assist companies by performing a thorough analysis of an organisation’s network layers. We will review the organisation’s current network topology and security controls implementation, such as firewalls, IDS/IPS, and network segmentation, and make recommendations to improve the effectiveness of security controls.