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Operational Theme & Innovation Culture at HackersEra!

HackersEra is a company dedicated to ensuring the safety of individuals who have been subjected to cyber-attacks. A well-known cyber-security service company that led the way in the adoption of flexible business strategies that today allow our clients to function in a much more protected manner while delivering greater value


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No more cyber threat: HackersEra introduces ICS/OT/IIoT security consultation

Beyond the information loss, an ICS hack may lead to massive financial manufacturing deficits and, in the case of important infrastructure, even people's lives. Many industrial systems do not receive regular security upgrades, and it is not uncommon for a system to go years without being patched.OT security refers to operating systems that analyze or induce an influence on the physical equipment by monitoring them directly or indirectly. It is widespread in Industrial Control Systems like SCADA, where it is used to secure vital infrastructure from invasion. As OT progresses and evolves, so does the need for adequate safeguards, particularly as it intersects with network technology


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HackersEra Is a Well-Known Cybersecurity Company Based In India That Started As a Modest Startup

HackersEra’s vision is to conduct business with the world's top 20 countries. By 2025, HackersEra will be operating in at least 20 countries, implying that we will have offices in at least 20 countries.


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HackersEra Aspires To Transform The Landscape Of Cybersecurity Education In a Variety Of Ways

In the words of Vikash Chaudhary, “We will shortly launch our cybersecurity staffing and resource pooling site, allowing any company to borrow resources from us or recruit the best cybersecurity candidates. We will check each cybersecurity candidate's knowledge, accomplishments, and talents. In addition, we will exchange resource profiles with organizations to obtain the best cybersecurity resources. We have been working on HackersEra University Certification for the past year to provide certification to those who want to take our certification, and we'll be launching it soon.”


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HackersEra Is a Well-Known Cybersecurity Company Based In India

Vikash Chaudhary founded HackersEra in 2015. A company that was commenced with the purpose of making people aware against the cyber-attacks and providing better services to people, by a single man and now has over 22 employees in the cybersecurity services field. If you look at their collective experience, they have more than 100 years in the stack.


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HackersEra: The Emergence of a New Wave of Cybersecurity Education and Services!

Organizations can embrace preemptive guidelines enlightened by developmental trends, especially among employees who might embody the ultimate threat, by converging security at the human stage. A State Data Centre Manager, for instance, who has access to an assortment of data, could be an enticing aim for hackers. Government departments can build policies regulating who has access to what data and their permissions to make use of it, lessening the threat of workers having explicit access to confidential and structured accessible information. We intend to establish an independent hacking university in India to educate people about cyber-attacks and cybersecurity measures in-depth, with the goal of establishing a secure nation. One of our most audacious goals is to establish an independent hacking university in India, for which we are seeking government and industry support, Vikash Chaudhary explains.


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HackersEra: Cybersecurity should be treated as a fundamental human right

A significant advantage of a cybersecurity strategy is that it is still in its infancy. Cybersecurity is more than a forward-looking endeavour. It's establishing itself as a reliable business associate for any businessperson hoping to survive in today's economy. Investing in cybersecurity and core infrastructure will save your business millions of dollars and protect your brand from public humiliation that will damage its appearance and authority in perpetuity. The time has come to re-examine security threats and ensure that safeguards are robust and effective in order to avoid irreversible damage to the company and profits caused by widespread business network protection blends.


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HackersEra: A Cybersecurity Company Based in India, is Reshaping the Global Landscape of Cybersecurity

HackersEra Vision Expansion aims to do business with the top 20 currencies in the globe. By 2025, HackersEra will be doing business in 20 or more currencies, which implies we will have offices in 20 or more countries. HackersEra aspires to create a digitally secure nation, and the organization is not willing to sacrifice quality in the process.


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The Ingenious Services Offered by HackersEra!

HackersEra is a leading cybersecurity service provider that pioneered the incorporation of successful franchise practices that allows their customers to improve productivity and deliver value in a more protected manner. “Across market segments, our strength is in acknowledging our clients' systems and processes, values, outlook, and aspirations and delivering reliable and consistent client-oriented services. We started operation in 2015 with the goal of providing cybersecurity expert advice to clients worldwide as associates, as well as formulating, recognizing, and guiding technology-driven market transformation initiatives to finalization.” Says Vikash Chaudhary, CEO and Founder at HackersEra!


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HackersEra: Envisioning the future of Cyber Security!

In today's fast-paced world, it would be challenging to walk into a company devoid of seeing some sort of technology. Even a small-scale café will nearly always have a credit card reader, maybe a website, a cash register, and wireless internet access. Then there are greater department stores with online shopping options, rewards programs, and smart cash register depots that hold all kinds of info about their buyers, from mobile numbers and addresses to purchase histories and likings


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HackersEra: The Future of Cybersecurity in IIOT!

IIOT is the buzzword in the cybersecurity market today. It will not be an understatement to say that IIOT for quite some time now has been advancing towards becoming the backbone of rapid industry automation. HackersEra founded by Vikash Chaudhary is one such Indian company that is a pioneer in providing cybersecurity-related solutions not just to India but to multiple global customers as well. So, what exactly is IIOT? HackersEra explained the concept of IIOT which means Industrial Internet of Things!


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HackersEra: The global impact of cybersecurity among divergent industries!

Like any coin, digitalisation has left some of the world's most important industries highly vulnerable to hackers and cyber-attacks. Given the quick speed of digitisation, cybersecurity should be the leading priority for all industries. The cyber threats faced by the digital age should not be neglected, irrespective of the industry.


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HackersEra: Cybersecurity ecosystem dominance in the Indian Markets!

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, India experienced rapid growth of digitalization, which has its pros and cons. Nonetheless, a price has to be paid for the rapid digitisation. The acceptance of cloud services, online payments, and cyber business, as well as the nation’s nearly 500 million internet regulars, has transpired in a surge in cyber threats. Indian Cyber Security businesses now have the opportunity to enter a market that was previously undiscovered and unutilized.


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Hackersera Global Expansion Kick-Started After Covering PAN India Market

HackersEra is the leading Cyber Security services provider that imagined and prompted the implementation of the supple business practices. Its strength lies in understanding our client's trade processes, ethnicity, vision and aims across the industry segments and offering reliable client-oriented solutions. What started as a business of one man is now a company with many employees. With more than 500 customers and 30 employees, Hackers Era works wholeheartedly for the best interests of the people who are associated with them.


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HackersEra are taking over challenges of automotive security with their revolutionary approach

HackersEra is India’s first-ever vehicle pentest company that understands the need for security of vehicles and has been successful in providing comprehensive solutions and planning out strategies to protect the various assets of an organization, shares Vikash Chaudhary, the CEO of HackersEra. Being the experts in Penetration Testing, HackersEra has now taken over the challenges of Automotive Security.


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HackersEra: India's First Vehicle Pentest Company

HackersEra understands the need to predict and prevent scenarios of cyber threats that might be launched against vehicle interfaces, risking the lives of drivers, pedestrians and damaging properties. Automotive Penetration Testing is one of the most effective methods to uncover potential IT security gaps by attempting to penetrate the system.