Our approach to SOC 2 Advisory Services



Conduct a preliminary company analysis better to understand the business processes, controls and system, and then narrow the scope accordingly


Gap Analysis

Our Consultants will assess the existing infrastructure for gaps against SOC2 standard. The findings will be compiled into a report defining your degree of compliance, and the risk treatment plan will be used to compile the SOC2 Attestation Strategy.


Awareness Training

HackersEra Consultants will Conduct a brief SOC2 Awareness Training program for your organization.


Classification of Critical Assets

Identify the critical information assets and identify them appropriately to create a separate inventory of them.


Risk Assessment

This is the most critical stage of implementation because it is during this stage that an asset register containing all of the organization's information assets is created. This process entails meeting and conversing with your organization's key stakeholders. The critical information assets are then subjected to a comprehensive risk assessment, from which appropriate controls to mitigate identified risks are selected.


Risk Treatment

Our Consultants classify identified risks and assist you in strategizing appropriate Risk Treatment measures.


Assistance with documentation

Our consultants will assist in creating policies and procedures documents using input and validation from your team.


ISMS & Policy Rollout

Our Risk Advisory teams will collaborate with your team to assist you with implementing the ISMS and related policies.


Employee Training

Employee training on their basic ISMS roles for all staff covered by the scope. Training materials will be given.


SOC2 Readiness Review

This phase will determine whether or not the client is ready to obtain SOC2 Attestation. HackersEra will guide the client's audit team through the process of conducting internal audits. Your implementation team will review the audit results and, if any gaps are discovered, HackersEra will help you close them.


Attestation audit

Finally, you'll be audited by CPA Auditor. Throughout the audit, HackersEra consultants will assist your team. We'll help you resolve any non-conformities or observations raised by external auditors, and we'll work with you to achieve SOC2 Attestation.

What we offer

SOC2 Gap Analysis

SOC2 Risk Assessment & Treatment

SOC2 ISMS Implementation

Security Awareness Training Program

SOC2 Attestation

SOC2 Continuation Support


  • SOC2 Type 1
  • SOC2 Type 2
  • AICPA Trust Services Principles


SOC 2 Advisory Services?

Among the organizations that should consider a SOC2 report is cloud service providers (e.g., SaaS, IaaS, PaaS), enterprise systems that store third-party data, IT systems management, and data centre colocation facilities. If you want to communicate that your organization's controls are properly designed, implemented, and operating effectively, the SOC2 report may be right for you. Obtaining a SOC2 report demonstrates to prospective and existing clients that you have established procedures and controls to ensure the delivery of dependable services, allowing you to stand out during the sales process. Additionally, there are the following advantages:

  • Increased trust and transparency among internal and external stakeholders
  • Compliance costs are reduced, and on-site audits are reduced.
  • Assists in ensuring that controls are designed and implemented properly to mitigate risks.
  • Compliance with auditing requirements



SOC2 audits are one of our specialties. SOC2 compliance can be maintained with the help of HackersEra Information Security Auditors, who are senior-level professionals with CISSP, CISA, and CRISC certifications.

We have our own custom audit delivery tool that streamlines the audit process, makes compliance activities easier and allows our clients to incorporate multiple audit frameworks into a single audit. Our research has focused on fine-tuning this method so that clients can complete a single audit and receive several reports.