Our approach to ISO Certification Advisory

We at HackersEra believe in taking a wholesome approach to the ISO Certification Advisory to ensure only the best results for you.



Conduct a preliminary company analysis better to understand the business processes and the surrounding world, and then narrow the scope accordingly.



To identify the scope (People, Process, and Technology) as applicable, our consultants will first understand your business processes, controls, and systems.


Gap Analysis

Our Consultants will assess the existing infrastructure for gaps against ISO 27001 standards, including a physical security audit. The findings will be compiled into a report defining your degree of compliance, and the risk treatment plan will be used to compile the ISMS and Policy Rollout Strategy.


Awareness Training

HackersEra Consultants will Conduct a brief ISO 27001 Awareness Training program for your organization.


Classification of Critical Assets

Identify the critical information assets and identify them appropriately to create a separate inventory of them.


Risk Assessment

This is the most critical stage of implementation because it is during this stage that an asset register containing all of the organization's information assets is created. This process entails meeting and conversing with your organization's key stakeholders. The critical information assets are then subjected to a comprehensive risk assessment, from which appropriate controls to mitigate identified risks are selected.


Risk Treatment

Our Consultants classify identified risks and assist you in strategizing appropriate Risk Treatment measures.


Assistance with documentation

Our consultants will assist in creating policies and procedures documents using input and validation from your team.


ISMS & Policy Rollout

Our Risk Advisory teams will collaborate with yours to assist you with implementing the ISMS and related policies.


Employee Training

Employee training on their basic ISMS roles for all staff covered by the scope. Training materials will be given.


ISMS Readiness Review

This phase will determine whether or not the client is ready to obtain ISO 27001 certification. HackersEra will guide the client's audit team through the process of conducting internal audits. Your implementation team will review the audit results and, if any gaps are discovered, HackersEra will help you close them.


Certification audit

Finally, you'll be audited by a team of auditors from the certification body. Throughout the audit, HackersEra consultants will assist your team. We'll help you resolve any non-conformities or observations raised by external auditors, and we'll work with you to achieve ISO 27001 certification.

What we offer

Gap Analysis of the Information Security Management System

Risk Assessment of the Information Security Management System

Services for ISMS Implementation

Pre-Audit Services for Information Security Management Systems

Training for ISO 27001 Certification

Coordination and Assistance with ISO 27001 Third-Party Certification


  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 controls


ISO Certification Advisory?

All major Industry likes Healthcare, Education, Fintech, Hospitality require ISO 27001 adherence and enforcement due to the large volumes of data that must be properly managed due to the sensitivity of the information. If this data becomes available or is compromised, the financial, legal, and other consequences could be disastrous. Strict compliance with ISO 27001 standards ensures that a company is not vulnerable to bugs that could compromise the organization's information security.



Oftentimes, traditional certification approaches take a "one size fits all" approach that does not quite fit your true desires or align with your strategic goals. These "gap analysis exercises" frequently omit critical certification components, such as the following:

  • What is the scope of your certification?
  • What motivates you to earn your certification?
  • Is it possible to find a more suitable substitute?

HackersEra's experienced consultants, who are also Lead Auditors, will provide a practical perspective on implementing ISO/IEC 27001 and aligning it with your business goals using HackersEra's proven methodology. This approach breaks down the certification process into manageable components, ensuring that you retain complete control over how your resources are used. When making these informed choices, only the elements you require assistance and wish to evaluate will be chosen.