Our approach to GDPR Consulting and Audit



Conduct a preliminary company analysis better to understand the business processes, controls and system, and then narrow the scope accordingly.



Our Information Security Consultants will analyze your company from a Processor or Controller perspective and define the scope of GDPR compliance.


Gap Analysis

Our Consultants will assess the existing infrastructure for gaps against GDPR compliance Regulation. The findings will be compiled into a report defining your degree of compliance, and the risk treatment plan will be used to compile the GDPR Compliance Certification Strategy.


Awareness Training

HackersEra Consultants will Conduct a brief GDPR compliance Regulation Awareness program for your organization.


Classification of Critical Assets

Identify the critical information assets and identify them appropriately to create a separate inventory of them.


Risk Assessment

This is the most critical stage of implementation because it is during this stage that an asset register containing all of the organization's information assets is created. This process entails meeting and conversing with your organization's key stakeholders. The critical information assets are then subjected to a comprehensive risk assessment, from which appropriate controls to mitigate identified risks are selected.


Risk Treatment

Our Consultants classify identified risks and assist you in strategizing appropriate Risk Treatment measures.


GDPR Application Assessment

Our Security Consultants evaluate your application for compliance with GDPR requirements like data portability, user consent, and effective user interface design, among others.


Employee Training

For all personnel in scope, our security consultants will conduct employee training sessions on their specific GDPR compliance responsibilities. Training materials will be provided for future use.


Assistance with documentation

Our consultants will assist in creating policies and procedures documents using input and validation from your team for your organisation as per GDPR requirements such as DPIA process, Privacy policy, Fair use policy, etc.


GDPR Policy Rollout

Our Risk Advisory teams will collaborate with your team to assist you with implementing the GDPR and related policies.


GDPR Readiness Review

This phase will determine whether or not the client is ready to obtain GDPR Compliance Attestation. HackersEra will guide the client's audit team through the process of conducting internal audits. Your implementation team will review the audit results and, if any gaps are discovered, HackersEra will help you close them.


Attestation audit

We will issue a legally admissible "GDPR Compliance" Certificate for your organisation once all controls have been confirmed to be in place.

What we offer

GDPR Gap Analysis

GDPR Risk Assessment

Security Awareness Training Program

Documentation of GDPR Rules & Regulations

GDPR Continuation Support


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GDPR Consulting and Audit?

While complying with GDPR can be overwhelming for many businesses, being proactive in your compliance efforts can be extremely beneficial to your business. You can earn the trust of digital consumers who are wary of unsolicited follow-up, sales pitches, and spam. GDPR Compliance can compel your business to prioritize the user experience and demonstrate a commitment to user preferences. Additionally, you can expand your reach by enabling you to market to new data subjects. Perhaps most importantly, achieving compliance now can significantly reduce the likelihood of your organization facing regulatory investigations and fines in the future.



HackersEra has experience designing and implementing privacy systems that comply with GDPR. We understand that the best way to implement GDPR is to align technology with governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). Companies can use our ADAPT approach to help them meet GDPR compliance deadlines. Our team will assist you in continuing your GDPR journey without having to start over, regardless of your current GDPR enforcement status or efforts.