Our approach to Secure Source Code Review


Prepare & Threat Modelling

Our DevSecOps team conducts an in-depth analysis of the coding involved, the threat environment, and which codings should be prioritised for analysis. The team can identify any missing strings or extraneous coding in the code by inspecting it.


Automated Code Analysis

Automated tools are used to assess each and every coding sequence and its associated output, comparing them to the required output.


Manual Code Analysis

Manual analyses entail inspecting the application code line by line for logical errors, insecure cryptography implementations, insecure system configurations, and other platform-specific issues.


Report submission

Once the assessment is complete, a detailed written report outlining each observed and or exploited vulnerabilities, along with the root cause analysis and categorisation along with mitigation and confirmatory re-test certificate if the need arrives.



What really makes us stand apart is our excellent and round the clock support, making sure our clients never have to witness hurdles in the business.

What we offer

Manual Secure Source Code Review

Automation Secure Source Code Review

Software Composition Analysis Testing


  • Compliant with industry security standards, including CWE, OWASP, PCI, CERT & SANS.
  • Technology coverage of 30+ and growing
  • JAVA
  • Objective C
  • DART
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++
  • Ruby
  • GO


Secure Source Code Review?

When additional assurance is necessary, a secure source code review is recommended. HackersEra can identify vulnerabilities in applications that would be extremely difficult to discover without source code access. Along with specific vulnerabilities, a secure source code review typically identifies deficient coding practices that leave the code vulnerable to future vulnerabilities.

If any of the following apply, you should consider conducting a source code review:

  • Applications with a high degree of significance and ramifications
  • reliance on open-source software or libraries
  • Appropriate acquisitions or contracting out
  • Additional levels of assurance are required
  • Conducted one or more dynamic penetration tests in the past



HackersEra will assign one or more consultants with relevant programming experience to each engagement. Each security consultant has a great deal of experience with application security.

It is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the intended application. The lead security consultant will spend time with an appropriate developer to understand the software before beginning the actual source code review testing process. This will entail a group discussion on relevant topics such as design, documentation, and so on.

It is critical to achieving both breadth and depth of coverage unless HackersEra has a specific focus. A hybrid approach combining dynamic tooling and manual review is used to accomplish this. Furthermore, having concurrent access to a running version of the target system while conducting the code review can maximise context and verify findings in real-time.