Our approach to Mobile Application Security Assessment

We at HackersEra take a 360-degree approach when it comes to Mobile Application Security Assessment.



Our team compiles data on the application's architecture, use cases, business logic, and other pertinent details about the mobile application.


Threat Modelling

Create an application's threat profile by enumerating all potential risks and associated threats. This enables testers to create custom test plans to simulate attacks, allowing for assessing actual risks rather than generic vulnerabilities.


Mapping Applications

Identify and associate the application's data with the various aspects of the generated threat profile. Numerous parameters include the following: (a) Key chains, brute-force attacks, and parameter tampering; (b) Malicious input, fuzzing; (c) SQLite database password fields, configuration file encryption; (d) Session IDs, time lockouts; (e) Error and exception handling; and (f) Logs, log access control.


Client-Side Attack

Client-side attack concentrate on the following areas: (a) platform interaction (b) local storage (c) encryption usage (d) binary and final analysis (e) insecure API calls, and (f) files with adequate access controls.


Network Layer Attack

Attacking the network layer entails probing communication channels, capturing network traffic, and evaluating transport layer protection.


Back-end/Server-Side Attack

Back-ends, such as web servers and APIs, provide the application's intended functionality. Our testing team creates a simulated attack on the web services and APIs of the mobile application.


Report submission

Once the assessment is complete, a detailed written report outlining each observed and or exploited vulnerabilities, along with the root cause analysis and categorisation along with mitigation and confirmatory re-test certificate if the need arrives.



What really makes us stand apart is our excellent and round the clock support, making sure our clients never have to witness hurdles in the business.

What we offer

Mobile Application Security Assessment

API & Web Services Security Assessment

Mobile Application Secure Source Code Review


  • Improper Platform Usage
  • Insecure Data Storage
  • Insecure Communication
  • Insecure Authentication
  • Insufficient Cryptography
  • Insecure Authorization
  • Client Code Quality
  • Code Tampering
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Extraneous Functionality
  • Business Logic Vulnerability


Mobile Application Security Assessment?

During a Mobile App Security Assessment, mobile app security experts use a rigorous methodology to determine the overall security posture of a given application. These experts model the threat posed by a range of threat actors with varying levels of sophistication. They'll be able to determine how resistant your mobile app is to these various threat. When security flaws are discovered, you'll be informed of the implications and, more importantly, how to resolve the issue. An in-depth mobile application security assessment will notify you of any identified positive security controls, allowing you to continue doing what you're doing with the confidence that you're doing things correctly.

Several groups benefit from a mobile application security assessment:

  • Developers gain confidence in the safety and security of their product for their customers.
  • Businesses gain confidence in the security of integrating a mobile application into their operations.
  • Users feel safer knowing that the app has passed a mobile security test, giving them the confidence to use it.

Simply put, an excellent mobile app security assessment will tell you what a mobile app is doing correctly and incorrectly in terms of cybersecurity.



At HackersEra, we employ advanced methodologies that have been tailored to specific applications. We have a sophisticated approach to detecting bugs, ensuring that no bug goes unnoticed, and expert guidance can help mitigate issues without interfering with existing systems. Our expert team of penetration testers works quickly to identify flaws in source code, binary files, applications, back end integrations, and platform workflow. Keeping all of this in mind, we also make certain to develop a customised scope and approach as the variety of applications changes rapidly. Finally, our support and reporting abilities can assist developers in developing secure systems in the long run.