Our approach to Firewall Security Assessment



Identification of the target environment, including the network topology, the number and type of firewalls, and the followed standards, must be compatible. The discovery process identifies critical assets within a system that should be protected with the strictest security controls possible.


Rules Engagement

A thorough examination conducted of existing rules which the client has implemented, define rules justification is noted against the business requirement.


Firewall Rules Review

The rules for whitelisting services, IP addresses, and port numbers are reviewed.


Security Configuration Assessment

Authorization, logging/alerting, firmware patching, and administrative access are all examples of security configurations that need to be examined.


Report submission

Once the assessment is complete, a detailed written report outlining each observed and or exploited vulnerabilities, along with the root cause analysis and categorisation along with mitigation and confirmatory re-test certificate if the need arrives.



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What we offer

Firewall Security Audit


  • Software version and patch level
  • The location of the firewall within the network
  • Excessively permissive rules
  • Laws that intersect
  • Prior to the deny all rule, permissive rules must be followed.
  • Abandoned objects
  • Auditing is insufficient.
  • Encrypted passwords and account passwords are both insecure.
  • insecure services
  • Omissions from the rules
  • Keeping the clocks in sync
  • User accounts with an excessive number of privileges or an insufficient number of privileges
  • The security of VPN configurations and the configuration of other modules
  • Typical Denial-of-Service Attacks are mitigated.


Firewall Security Assessment?

For most organisations that do not use a multi-layer of security, a firewall device acts as the gatekeeper to the network and is often the first and last line of defence.

The Firewall is a device that sits between the inside and outside of your network and regulates who can enter and exit it.

A firewall that is incorrectly configured or has a software vulnerability due to a lack of patching can significantly impact your organisation’s security posture and allow a complete hacker access to the network.



HackersEra's firewall audit identifies weak protocols, insecure rules, and additional data leakages that could jeopardise the firewall's infrastructure. Our team of cybersecurity experts has experience building firewalls from the ground up as well as implementing technology from a variety of leading firewall vendors. This allows us to see everything from both the attacker's and the defender's point of view. It enables us to conduct some of the most difficult and thorough assessments in our industry.