Our approach to IoT Security Assessment

Our comprehensive approach to the IoT security assessment will ensure all the security threats are identified to be tackled in time.


Mapping the Attack Surface

Our team performs a comprehensive attack surface mapping and records all potential entry points for a malicious attacker.


Reverse engineering firmware and binary exploitation

It entails reverse engineering firmware binaries, performing analysis techniques on binaries to extract sensitive information & exploiting binary files.


Hardware-based exploitation

The hardware security features, communication ports used, logic sniffing, and bus tampering are all listed here. security system tampering, Side-Channel Attacks, and glitching.


Application Security Assessments

Vulnerabilities in the web dashboard, identification and exploitation of mobile application security issues, platform-related security issues, app reversing, and binary instrumentation techniques for obtaining sensitive information are discovered using this API. API-based and cloud-based security issues, as well as vulnerabilities in back-end systems, are also found.


Radio Interface Assessment

Protocol evaluations for radio communications Sniffing the transmissions and receptions of radio packets Modifying and replaying packets to conduct device takeover attacks, jamming attacks, etc. Various techniques for gaining access to the encryption key The reverse engineering of radio communication for proprietary protocols and the attack on protocol-specific vulnerabilities are carried out.


Data Privacy Analysis

To maintain the highest security standards for customer data, ensuring that no personally identifiable information (PII) is leaked via any communication channel, Additional data-at-rest, and data-in-transit analysis well as provision of a PII report.


Report submission

Once the assessment is complete, a detailed written report outlining each observed and or exploited vulnerabilities, along with the root cause analysis and categorisation along with mitigation and confirmatory re-test certificate if the need arrives.



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What we offer

Security Evaluation of IoT products.

Embedded Device assessment

IoT architecture and design review

Security Evaluation of radio interfaces

Device Firmware & Hardware Assessment

Security Analysis of IoT mobile and cloud applications


The following elements are extensively covered in the IoT security assessment:

  • Fingerprinting, enumeration and integrated testing
  • Spoofing, sniffing, and replay attacks
  • RF spectrum testing and injection points
  • Sniffing, packet analysis, and loopback testing, eavesdropping testing
  • Hardware security analysis, device testing, secure boot testing
  • Firmware and data extraction analysis
  • Secure code review analysis to protect the infrastructure right from the low level of development.
  • Mitigation of the data leak, side channel, and communication channel attacks.


IoT Security Assessment?

HackersEra recommends that any device linked to an internet in its daily operation undergo an Internet of Things security assessment evaluation. From smart home automation to industrial automation, threat actors are aggressively targeting connected devices with the aim of:

  • Implant malware for executing illegal activity
  • Endanger the privacy of individuals and business

Devices built to be 'plug and play' in particular should be evaluated using comprehensive security assessment. Their low barrier to entry often results in suboptimal security configurations. HackersEra offers a world-class penetration testing service to companies that manufacture Internet of Things products and are concerned about their security posture.



The Internet of Things poses a variety of specific problems compared to more conventional penetration testing fields. Diverse architectures, custom communication protocols, non-standard libraries, and operating systems result in nearly infinite technology combinations. As a result, only the most experienced penetration testers are used by HackersEra for IoT testing.

To provide maximum levels of assurance, HackersEra's security consultants ensure that the entire attack surface and all use cases are considered. An IoT security assessment, in general, focuses on the following areas: Encryption, Hardware, Firmware, Application, and Network.