Our approach to Cloud Security Assessment

We at HackersEra believe in taking a wholesome approach to the cloud security assessment to ensure only the best results for you.



Analyze service level agreements with cloud providers. Confirming the test scope, target IP addresses, URLs, APIs, login credentials and privileges, compliance requirements, testing times, points of contact, and engagement rules.


Identity and Access Management

This procedure involves auditing identity and access management controls. These typically include checks of the use of elevated privilege accounts, multi-factor authentication (MFA), password policies, identity and access management (IAM) policies, access keys, and credential usage policies.


Review Authentication Architectures

Issues with authentication and authorisation are pervasive security flaws. User authentication is a function that the majority of applications incorporate. Although the back end provider handles some authentication and state management logic, authentication is an integral part of most architectures that knowing how it is implemented is critical.


Network Security

This area is responsible for auditing network-security controls such as ingress and egress rulesets, flow logging, traffic limits, and least access rights.


Logging API Calls, Events

Each of the major cloud service providers provide web services that log tenant API calls. This data includes several parameters, such as the API source, call details, and request/response elements. This method consists of reviewing an account's API calls, log file validation, at-rest encryption, access checks to ensure that logs are restricted from public view, and access logging, configuration management, and monitoring options.



The monitoring process is a vital activity in charge of alerting appropriate contacts during an incident. This entails relying on logging and associated configuration parameters to ensure the proper metric filters are in place. These reviews include checking for real-time monitoring configuration and setting alarms for any changes to access control lists, security policies/groups, routing tables, and other relevant parameters.


Vulnerability Assessment & Analysis

Identifying the target environment's security configuration, logical security vulnerabilities and identifying false positives and verifying risk levels correlated with findings.


Report submission

Once the assessment is complete, a detailed written report outlining each observed and exploited vulnerabilities, along with the root cause analysis and categorisation along with mitigation and confirmatory re-test certificate if the need arrives.



What really makes us stand apart is our excellent and round the clock support, making sure our clients never have to witness hurdles in the business.

What we offer

Azure Penetration Testing

AWS Penetration Testing

Google Cloud Penetration Testing

Office 365 Security Audit

Secure Configuration Review

Cloud Services Risk Assessment

SaaS/PaaS/IaaS Security Testing


  • Well identified external threat endpoints and mitigation of the loopholes
  • Authentication, authorisation, and access controls audit
  • Our cloud security assessment covers a wide range of cloud service providers.
  • A thorough analysis of virtual machines or virtual instances along with infrastructure review.
  • Storage and databases are verified to be compliant with data security regulations to avoid penalties.
  • Expert engineer guidance while making the configurations and suggesting patches.
  • Cloud risk management is performed to rank the threats and act accordingly.


Cloud Security Assessment?

While many businesses are leaning towards cloud computing, the ever-changing cloud environment is prone to multiple threats, which are extremely difficult to detect and act on in the early stages. This is where cloud security assessment comes into play for assessing and mitigating these risks in time.



We at Hackers Era work with a multifocal approach when it comes to cloud security assessment.

HackersEra focuses on providing solutions that are experience and expertise-driven. By keeping all the approaches open for different cloud service providers, we consider and evaluate according to the size, purpose, and location. Our solutions are oriented to the latest technologies that can provide and facilitate security to your systems in the long run. Besides, ensuring that the data is compliant with the GDPR and PCI DSS is our primary focus.

Our concerns begin rightly from the endpoints to the internal structure of your systems that can promote a better security posture of your organisation. With our services, the organisation can have a better idea of their current stance in security and ways to enhance the protection of the infrastructure.

The professional team of HackersEra helps you every step of the way with excellent support and timely reporting to build solid and secure cloud infrastructure.