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SHIELD - Your Protection is our responsibility

October 2017 issue

Dear readers!
Diwali is coming soon, make this festival season more productive by adding hacking and security skills to your arsenal. So we present you the FIRST issue of "SHIELD" - a HackersEra IT Magazine. This time we don’t have a main theme but various articles about current topics in Indian Cyber Space.
We start with

  • Hacking People!
  • How UIDAI got hacked?
  • Banking Frauds
  • Beware of Password Hacking
  • How to be Safe in this Evil World
  • Ransomware is the Biggest Cyber Threat
  • Wireless Networks: Weapon for Hackers
  • Social Engineering Attacks on UPI System!
  • ATM Scamming Attack
  • Indian Government Websites sucks!
We hope you find something for yourself in this issue. And huge thanks to all the authors, reviewers, to our amazing proofreader, and of course you, our readers - without you this wouldn’t be possible!



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